San Francisco, January 2nd, 2012

01-02-2012 - Centauri Communications, recently expanded our core network infrastructure and added redundant Cisco 7609-S / RSP 720 3CXL supervisor engines. The new setup expands our network services and since the Internet has been pushing to have native IPv6 services with the depletion of IPv4 address space. The new network core upgrade increases IP bandwidth and will scale our network into the new year.

The Cisco RSP 720 3CXL allows 4gb of ram for the Route Processor and 2gb for the Switch Processor it also has double the cpu performance from the previous Cisco Sup 720 3BXL's. Which was badly needed in the service provider side since the BGP protocol was very cpu intensive.  

Cisco doc on the service specs of the Supervisor RSP 720 3CXL 

Here is the link to the specs for the Cisco 7609-S Chassis