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Centauri Communications, is proud to announce the network is fully upgraded to support 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps Native IPv6 dual stack IP Transit connections to the Internet.

As technology continues to rapidly expand the demand for bandwidth hungry services just grows. Keeping up in the digital age is a constant cycle but as voice, video and data mature the need for high volume bandwidth circuits is a must. Helping our customers to deploy and utilize IPv6 as the transition from IPv4 has fully started and no longer an afterthought.

IPv6 is the only bulletproof way to secure your company from the depletion of IPv4 address space. But also allows the full conectivity to cellular mobile networks that are now official native IPv6 and using DS-Lite on IPv4 to connect on the legacy IPv4 Internet.

From all the Team meetings it has shown that the Internet IP Backbones, large content Internet providers, Home Cable providers, mobile celluar networks have deployed the new IPv6 addressing and now its only the enterprise networks that have not kept the pace.