News & Events

03-12-2012 - Centauri Communications, recently upgraded our core network cage over at the SF 200 Paul datacenter. This sixteen rack cage is the new home for the network. It has redundant 208v 30 Amp Primary / Secondary power circuits in each rack. This allows our network to easily expand capacity and allows the higher density line cards for 10 GbE IP circuits.

01-02-2012 - Centauri Communications, recently expanded our core network infrastructure and added redundant Cisco 7609-S / RSP 720 3CXL supervisor engines. The new setup expands our network services and since the Internet has been pushing to have native IPv6 services with the depletion of IPv4 address space. The new network core upgrade increases IP bandwidth and will scale our network into the new year.

05-03-2011 - Centauri Communications, adds GT-T BGP IP transit to our network with redundant fiber links. This adds additional IP transit capacity at our network hub located in San Francisco 200 Paul Ave and 600 W 7th downtown Los Angeles.

04-02-2011 - Centauri Communications, upgrades the content server that Centauri hosts for Valve's digital online delivery of video games and updates. With Valve almost every week announcing new game companies using there content delivery service to distribute there online content the legacy server was starting to show its age.

02-01-2011 - Centauri Communications, expands into datacenter at there Santa Clara, Ca facility. Centauri can offer a full range of IP services including EoMPLS, IP Transport, IP Transit, managed hosted cabinets and custom cages. If your in need of high quality datacenter space and no monthly recurring cross connect fees this is the datacenter for your business.

02-08-2010 - Centauri Communications, turns up XO Communications BGP IP transit to our network with redundant fiber links. Centauri always seeks to enhance our global IP connectivity and by adding XO Communications to our existing IP blend acomplishes this goal. This also increases our network IP capacity and will improve our customer latency to the Internet.

06-01-2009 - Centauri Communications, adds additional fiber connections to our upstream IP transit providers. By adding multiple redundant fiber connections to the same ISP enhances our BGP stability. For example, if one fiber gbic / cable gets effected the global Internet doesn't need to reroute over our other IP Transit providers.

02-19-2009 - Centauri Communications announces cabinet space at the Telx 600 W 7th St, Los Angeles, Ca, Digital Realty Trust Datacenter. Centauri will have a full cabinet for our new long haul fiber circuit as part of the new Los Angeles, Ca presence. Centauri Communications will be on the Fifth floor Meet ME Room in the Telx colo room.

01-28-2009 - Centauri Communications announces eight rack cage expansions at our San Francisco 200 Paul Datacenter with XO Communications. With our rapid expansion on providing leading Voice, Video and Data services. Centauri will have cage space for our core Routers, Voice, DSL Termination, and IP TV Video equipment. We are pleased with this expansion because it gives us the ability to have our core gear and HP Blade chassis in a central spot.

01-03-2009 - Centauri Communications announces new web site in development. Centauri has hired a web developer to give a new look and feel to our outside web presence. We are excited that he accepted the job on a fresh new website and will align the design towards what our business name implies along with our founding roots within the city of San Francisco, Ca.

12-01-2008 - Centauri Communications announces expansion into the Digital Realty Trust building at 600 W 7Th St, Los Angeles, Ca. As part of expanding down to Los Angeles, Centauri acquired long haul fiber that will interconnect to our core datacenter at San Francisco 200 Paul. We are pleased to be expanding into downtown Los Angeles with DRT and potential customers that will be able to receive services from Centauri Communications.

09-01-2008 - Centauri Communications announces completed expansion into the Switch & Data, PaIX datacenter located in 529 Bryant, Palo Alto, Ca. Centauri now has presence in one of the largest peering network datacenters in the United States. We are pleased that our datacenter expansion into PaIX Palo Alto went very smoothly and our metro fiber agreements that interconnect back to our primary 200 Paul, San Francisco, Ca.

08-04-2008 - Centauri Communications announces additional equipment line card capacity at our Equinix SV3 1735 Lundy San Jose, Ca datacenter Pop. Since our expansion to Equinix back in February of this year Centauri has turned up five BGP high capacity fiber circuits to very large content providers that currently host over 650,000 domain names. The total contract bandwidth is nearly two Gbps of Internet IP Transit.

08-03-2008 - Centauri Communications announces San Francisco 365 Main Telco room capacity. Centauri a few months ago moved its hosting operation over to Layer42 Colo in Santa Clara. And its network equipment was moved into 365 Main 2nd floor Telco room. Currently we are looking for additional IP transit / Metro Layer 2 customers to utilize the network equipment.

03-12-2008 - Centauri Communications upgrades our San Francisco 200 Paul datacenter with a Cisco 7600 series router. With rapid growth both supporting our current customers and future subscribers, Centauri Communications chose Cisco with the leading Supervisor 720 - 3BXL capable of supporting one million IPV4 BGP routes.

03-11-2008 - Centauri Communications has completed our Equinix, 1735 Lundy Ave, San Jose, Ca, Datacenter expansion. Centauri is proud to be able to offer Equinix customers in this facility Internet IP transit and layer 2 Ethernet connections.

02-16-2008 - Centauri Communications announces potential datacenter expansion into Equinix. By adding there facilities it will enable Centauri to be in additional four datacenters within the south bay Silicon Valley using their IBX cross connects.

01-27-2008 - Centauri Communications announces expansion into Switch and Data. With our continued commitment to the community this adds downtown Palo Alto and Sunnyvale California onto our on-net lit buildings.

01-18-2008 - Centauri Communications replaces existing VoIP PBX phone system with a open source solution. With our new VoIP phone system adds the ability for agent queues. This enables our customers to easily get a hold of our staff.

12-31-2007 - Centauri Communications adds additional Fiber GiG-E Internet transit capacity at San Francisco, 200 Paul datacenter. Centauri added Bandcon because of their extensive nationwide network and partners.

11-09-2007 - Centauri Communications has completed our San Francisco, 200 Paul datacenter cage setup and has already signed up customers for dedicated game hosting.

9-18-2007 - Centauri Communications expands San Francisco, 200 Paul datacenter. With our expansion in this facility with a four rack cage from XO Communications shows our commitment for future clients and current customers.

9-17-2007 - Centauri Communications announces plans to offer DSL in the state of California as part of our expansion into the home market. With this offering it will enable our customers another choice for consumer broadband opposed from the incumbents Telco’s.

9-07-2007 - Centauri Communications opens up public forums for our current customers and future clients can post questions for sales or interact with each other to solve issues.

7-04-2007 - Centauri Communications, now offering a 4th of July special for new datacenter customers within SF 365 main, and SF 200 Paul. We will give 10 Mbps of Internet Bandwidth and or Layer 2 VLAN point to point between the two datacenters 30 day free trial no obligation.

6-13-2007 - Centauri Communications is proud to be hosting a Valve Steam powered content server for the United States southwest region. We are pleased to help Valve in providing quick updates \ game downloads to their multimillion user network.

3-17-2007 - Centauri Communications announces expansion to San Francisco, 200 Paul. With this additional datacenter interconnected via high speed single mode fiber back to San Francisco, 365 main St.

2-15-2007 - Centauri Communications is proud to offer Internet services for Prana Systems that is hosting the Amgen Tour of California bike race.

8-19-2006 -Centauri Communications announces GIG-E public peering at 365 Main St via (SF-MIX), any Internet Service Providers that wish to keep the traffic local within the datacenter or aggregate smaller peers should utilize this peering fabric.