San Francisco, May 3rd, 2011

05-03-2011 - Centauri Communications, adds GT-T BGP IP transit to our network with redundant fiber links. This adds additional IP transit capacity at our network hub located in San Francisco 200 Paul Ave and 600 W 7th downtown Los Angeles.

Centauri always seeks to enhance our global IP connectivity and by adding GT-T to our existing IP blend acomplishes this goal. This also increases our network IP capacity and will improve our customer latency to the Internet.

Centauri Communications understands that our customers demand high uptime considering there business is delivered over the digital Internet. Centauri has noticed increased IP bandwidth demand as customers grow there digital web presence and the growth of online gaming has finally hit the masses. Digital service has begun to blossom into the mainstream for content delivery rather than the tradtional model of retail outlets.

Centauri Communications looks forward to another year in providing ISP services to our customers and the expansion of the network as the Internet continues to involve and the silicon valley creates rapid technologies to push the Internet to bigger limits none of us could have imagined.