San Francisco, June 1st, 2009

06-01-2009 - Centauri Communications, adds additional fiber connections to our upstream IP transit providers. By adding multiple redundant fiber connections to the same ISP enhances our BGP stability. For example, if one fiber gbic / cable gets effected the global Internet doesn't need to reroute over our other IP Transit providers. Since BGP heals quicker between direct peers a failed fiber path gets taken out of service. In this way the redundant connection to the same IP provider shifts the traffic over to the non-failed fiber link. Eliminating BGP AS flaps to the Global Internet, those dreaded IP black holes, while the Internet shifts traffic around the BGP link that failed.

Since Centauri, BGP peers with multiple IP transit carriers its critical for reducing basic outages and maintenance requests that are done behind the scenes in the day to day operations of an Internet Service provider.