San Francisco, August 04, 2008

08-04-2008 - Centauri Communications announces additional equipment line card capacity at our Equinix SV3 1735 Lundy San Jose, Ca datacenter Pop. Since our expansion to Equinix back in February of this year Centauri has turned up five BGP high capacity fiber circuits to very large content providers that currently host over 650,000 domain names. The total contract bandwidth is nearly two Gbps of Internet IP Transit.

So we have ordered another sixteen port Gbic line card for our Cisco 6503-E Chassis. We have multiple layer 2 redundant fiber pairs that connect back onto our San Francisco 200 Paul core network. If your business needs quick turn up on IP Transit / Metro Layer 2 Ethernet for Equinix 11 Great Oaks SV1, 1350 Duane SV2, 1735 Lundy SV3 and 255 Caspian SV4.

Just send sales an email and we will reply quickly with the details for a quick turnaround time.

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