San Francisco, Sept 18, 2007

9-18-2007 - Centauri Communications, expands San Francisco, 200 Paul datacenter. With our expansion in this facility with a four rack cage from XO Communications shows our commitment for future clients and current customers. Other datacenters in the San Franciso bay area have been filling up to capacity so rack space has been getting scarce.

Now that Centauri will be offering DSL service in the state of California its the next logical step in scaling our foot print within 200 Paul. Currently San Francisco 365 main has been the major hub for our growth along with BGP public peering with other ISP carriers / Content Providers at the SF MIX Internet Exchange provided by Packet Clearing House.

Centauri would like to replicate that side into SF 200 Paul and enable our SF 365 main customers to have physical disaster recovery options with our high speed layer 2 ethernet vlan services. Along with high speed Internet service offering. By providing scalable interconnects between the two datacenters business customers can cost effective have remote site backups of there primary data in case of a emergency.