San Francisco, Sept 17, 2007

9-17-2007 - Centauri Communications, announces plans to offer DSL in the state of California as part of our expansion into the home market. With this offering it will enable our customers another choice for consumer broadband opposed from the incumbents telco's.

Part of this strategy will be faster speeds for selected markets with the ADSL2 capable DSLAMS. Which is capable of 15 Mbps downstream for home customers. Business clients will also benefit with ADSL bonding technology of speeds 24 Mbps downstream / 3 Mbps upstream along with quicker installation times. Compared with traditional T-1 / T-3 services that can take up to 90 days to provision. Pricing for ADSL Bonding will also be alot lower than legacy circuits.

Enterprise customers wanting to deploy remote satelite sites using ADSL technology can cheaply interconnect them with site to site VPN's back to the corporate head quarters and keep there VoiP \ Data on-net by purchasing Internet services from us at there main datacenter.

After our first initial phase of California we will be expanding to become a nationwide DSL provider.

Centauri also caters the gaming community and will have services geared with them in mind.