San Francisco, June 13, 2007

6-13-2007 - Centauri Communications, is proud to be hosting a Valve Steampowered content server for the United States southwest region. The content server is connected via GIG-E \ 1,000 Mbps. We are pleased to help Valve in providing quick updates \ game downloads to there multi million user network.

By Centauri Communications hosting this steampowered content server enables our gaming customers on-net updates for server side and client side without going over the public internet.

Another benefit as part of the agreement was a banner shown of our company logo to every user that updates thru our content server Click here on what the banner looks like when it is shown.

The server specs are Dual AMD Opteron 244, 8 GB of ram, RAID 0, 300 GB Sata 16mb buffer hard drives.