Centauri offers native IPv6 Internet

by FiberOptics 15. November 2011 18:41

Centauri Communications, is proud to announce that our network is able to offer native IPv6 Internet services. Since Arin.net announced back in Febuary of 2011 that IANA allocated the last 5 /8 IPv4 netblocks it is official that the slow death of IPv4 is happening. If you apply to Arin for an address block the max you can request for supply is a /22 every 3 months regardless the size of your company. The Internet going forward will not grow at the rate we saw it over the last decade if you don't start preparing your network now for IPv6 services. 

As the mobile world gets more connected very soon they will only be connected by IPv6 and with very limited IPv4 connectivity through 6to4 gateways. So if your a web company and sell services now is the time to start getting setup and test your services over the newly IPv6 web. Various companies this past year have been announcing big plans to offer native IPv6 services including Comcast for home users.

If you want to test your IPv6 readiness click the below link.



SF 200 Paul - Cisco 7609-S / RSP 720 3CXL

by FiberOptics 15. November 2011 18:21

Centauri Communications, recently expanded our core network infrastructure and added redundant Cisco 7609-S / RSP 720 3CXL supervisor engines. The new setup expands our network services and since the Internet has been pushing to have native IPv6 services with the depletion of IPv4 address space. The new network core upgrade increases IP bandwidth and will scale our network into the new year.

The Cisco RSP 720 3CXL allows 4gb of ram for the Route Processor and 2gb for the Switch Processor it also has double the cpu performance from the previous Cisco Sup 720 3BXL's. Which was badly needed in the service provider side since the BGP protocol was very cpu intensive.  

Cisco doc on the service specs of the Supervisor RSP 720 3CXL


Here is the link to the specs for the Cisco 7609-S Chassis




GT-T IP Transit lit up

by FiberOptics 9. May 2011 16:20
Centauri Communications, lights up GT-T BGP IP Transit to our network at San Francisco 200 Paul ave. This adds additional network Internet capacity and redundancy on the core network which our customers will notice improved latency to other networks.



QualityTech Datacenter Expansion

by FiberOptics 1. February 2011 17:01
Centauri Communications, expands into QualityTech.com datacenter at there Santa Clara, Ca facility. Centauri can offer a full range of IP services including EoMPLS, IP Transport, IP Transit, managed hosted cabinets and custom cages. If your in need of high quality datacenter space and no monthly recurring cross connect fees this is the datacenter for your business.


XO Communications IP Transit turned up

by FiberOptics 20. February 2010 20:57
Centauri Communications, turns up XO Communications BGP IP transit to our network with redundant fiber links. Centauri always seeks to enhance our global IP connectivity and by adding XO Communications to our existing IP blend acomplishes this goal. This also increases our network IP capacity and will improve our customer latency to the Internet.



Oregon Route View Server

by FiberOptics 20. February 2010 20:35

I would just like everyone to know about the Oregon Route View server now that Centauri Communications - BGP peers with them.  Most of the large Internet Service Providers peer with the Route View servers to help in trouble shooting IP Prefixes and how they are routed within other provider networks using just one looking glass server. It makes it easier to view how your IP Prefix is viewed on the Internet without going to each ISP Route View server to see the results.

For more info visit there website - http://www.routeviews.org

Also we added a link on our Centauri website http://www.centauricom.com/network/lookingglass.asp 



ADSL2 18 Mbps ISP Service

by FiberOptics 18. September 2009 13:27

I would like to let everyone know over the next couple months of this year. Centauri Communications will be providing customers ADSL2 residential service with speeds ranging from 18 Mbps - 12 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload. I will keep everyone posted as we get near on offering this service. 




San Francisco 200 Paul, Core Routing equipment expansion completed

by FiberOptics 18. March 2009 19:21
I would like to inform everyone that our Core networking routing gear has been completed over the weekend. Our crew of employees have finally done the dreaded task of moving our equipment from our smaller cage into a much larger cage to support our new infrastructure. Centauri Communications has seen explosive growth over the past year and this expansion enabled us to keep our progress going towards that direction.

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Why VoIP peering is important for new voice providers

by FiberOptics 18. March 2009 19:02

VoIP peering has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years. Mainly because of the shift of technology and how end users demand new services from voice technology. When several voice providers peer over such a fabric as The VPF its also is the way of selling minutes to other providers and bypassing the legacy telcos just as BGP peering accomplishes on the backbone of Internet routing.

I hope everyone checks out the peering fabric and gets involved on what they accomplish by using such a service. 



BGP Peering and why its important for the Internet

by FiberOptics 18. March 2009 10:17

I would like to write about something that is not shared very openly among the new generation of college graduates of the new Internet age. As most of us that has been in the field since the early days know that BGP, Border Gateway Protocol is the glue that ties the entire global Internet together without it we wouldnt have the robust network of networks we have today. BGP is made of thousands of AS Numbers that advertise IP Prefixes such as which represents a network of 254 hosts.



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